John D. McGraugh, Shihan began studying martial arts at the age of fourteen in Tucson, Arizona when a friend introduced him to a self-defense art called Matsuno Ryu Goshinjitsu taught by Vinson K. Holck, Shihan, president of the Kodenkan Yudanshakai. After consistent training throughout high school, Shihan McGraugh earned his 1st degree black belt during his senior year at the age of seventeen.

As his college career began, Shihan McGraugh started to practice with the judo club at Pima Community College. For the next few years he continued to practice and teach Goshinjitsu at various locations and also competed in judo during that time. He assisted in founding the CFSD Budokai at a local school district and started new classes at the Tucson Jewish Community Center.
Standing in line at a water fountain when he was fifteen years old Shihan McGraugh listened to a guest martial artist describe his recent trip to Japan, and how someone with a college degree could go there and live fairly easily. He discussed the opportunities to study martial arts and the chance to learn the language and experience their beautiful culture. Shihan McGraugh resolved to do just that and when the long haul of college was over in 1995 he made arrangements to move to Japan and live out his dream.

During his stay in Osaka, Japan Shihan McGraugh studied and earned various ranks in Ryuseiken Batto-Do, Kodokan Judo, Aikido, and Daido Juku Karate. Practicing and competing for five years, Shihan McGraugh then returned to the U.S. in 2000 and began teaching these arts, and resumed his teaching and development of Matsuno Ryu Goshinjitsu.

Upon return to the U.S. Shihan McGraugh also began working out with two fellow martial arts teachers who had been learning and competing in Brazilian Jujitsu while he was away. As these three martial artists began putting the striking, throwing and grappling techniques together that they had learned a discussion was started about founding an MMA system that would teach traditional martial arts principles and philosophy, but modern mixed martial arts techniques. In 2001, Shihan McGraugh, O’Sensei Elliot Lyle and Sensei Mark Cann founded Hiraido Jujitsu to accomplish that goal. Hiraido Jujitsu has since grown immensely, produced numerous black belts and MMA competitors, and has been successful in passing on the traditional martial arts principles to hundreds of mixed martial arts students.

After 27 years of martial arts practice and study Shihan John D. McGraugh now owns and operates the Kodenkan Martial Arts Academy in Tucson, Arizona and continues to teach and practice these arts with students of all ages. Shihan McGraugh has now released a video instruction series to help those who would like to learn the art of the samurai sword. Condensing the arts he learned in Japan into a 6 DVD series, Shihan McGraugh offers to share Ryuseiken Batto-Do with students all over the world through The Sword Guy video instruction series. Feel free to contact John for more information:

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